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167958: Invitation til 35 års jubilæum i Holland (04-11-2022 18:11:39)
Jimmi Povlsen #7737, reg. mjyl (medlem) (ip-adr:
Til dem der ikke var til LA2022, så har jeg idag modtaget denne invitation fra vores hollandske venner

INVITATION - International Land Rover Festival | LRCH 35YRS
Dear Land Rover friends!
We hereby cordially invite you (board and members) to participate in the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Land
Rover Club Holland.
From May 18 – 21, 2023, we will be celebrating a 4-day international Land Rover Festival.
With an estimated 750 Land Rover we are building a big Land Rover party.
The place to be are the grounds of Middachten Castle in De Steeg (NL).
A long weekend full of highlights with, among other things, a food truck square (Thursday and Friday), the large Club BBQ on
Saturday evening, off-road driving every day on great terrain, all-road day and night routes through the most beautiful parts
of Gelderland, a static show in the context of 75 years of Land Rover, show with Camel Trophy cars and lectures by former
participants (including Raoul Jacobs who drove the Camel Trophy through the Amazon in 1989), a show with the orange G4
Challenge cars and lectures by former participants (including Thijs Maartense who participated for the Netherlands in 2006).
With live music and cool DJs every night, a real pub and an extensive children’s program, this will be the best and largest Land
Rover Festival in the Benelux! Even Red Wharf’s Bay will be presented.
A campsite with all facilities is the basis, a unique location and the decoration does the rest.
Join the celebrations with over 2,000 Land Rover enthusiasts from all over Europe and make friends and fond memories!
Registration for this great event is expected to open early January 2023 via the website www.lrch35.nl
Here you will now find all the necessary information and more and more is becoming available about the program and other
things that are good to know before you come to De Steeg.
For Land Rover Clubs there is the possibility to set up a Club stand.
Check the website www.lrch35yrs.nl for more information about this.
We would love to welcome you at Middachten Castle in May 2023!
On behalf of the 35th anniversary team,
Norbert Duijvelshoff
PR & Communication LRCH
Enclosed you find a PDF which you could use in your club magazine or website f.e.
167964: sv: Invitation til 35 års jubilæum i Holland (06-11-2022 09:01:36) (svar på 167958)
Marianne Asmussen #7880, reg. sjyl (medlem) (ip-adr:
Det lyder spændende og tak for info. Tænker vi tager med og det kunne være fedt, hvis vi blev flere.
167965: sv: sv: Invitation til 35 års jubilæum i Holland (06-11-2022 22:14:21) (svar på 167964)
Verner Andersen #2749, reg. ssj (medlem) (ip-adr:
Lyder spændende jow, og vi er et mindre pænt selskab her i reg Sydsjælland, der også har sat kryds i kalenderen :o)
167967: sv: Invitation til 35 års jubilæum i Holland (14-11-2022 14:53:24) (svar på 167958)
Christian Holten #2660, reg. nsj (medlem) (ip-adr:
Den event er I vores kalender
167968: sv: sv: Invitation til 35 års jubilæum i Holland (16-11-2022 09:34:26) (svar på 167967)
Niels Lysebjerg #7732, reg. fyn (medlem) (ip-adr:
Det ser rigtig spændende ud. Måske det var noget for GamleGule og Grønærten, hvis jeg kan få en kollega til at passe den hvidkalkede. Det er jo lige de dage nogen kalder Kr. Himmelfarts-"ferie" :)

Mvh Niels
168096: sv: Invitation til 35 års jubilæum i Holland (11-01-2023 09:05:23) (svar på 167958)
Marianne Asmussen #7880, reg. sjyl (medlem) (ip-adr:
Vi har købt billetter og tager afsted. Ville være fedt, hvis der kom flere fra DK